Friday, December 20, 2013

I Love Lamp

I'd like to think that my ability to live with a lamp that I have LOATHED for about 10 years sort of reinforces my commitment to minimalism. If not that, then at least to being thrifty.

When we first moved into our house we didn't have much in the way of overhead lighting, so we had to use lamps in our living room. We painted the living room a ridiculous color, and ended up getting an evergreen lamp to use in there. I can't even remember what the shade looked like, but the lamp itself was pretty ugly. Or rather, as time passed it became ugly to me. It actually seemed fine when we purchased it.

When we finally repainted the living room, I repainted the lamp from green to white. It sufficed for awhile, but the top of it was crooked, so no matter what lamp shade I used, it never quite worked. But I lived with it for about 7 years because it was in the corner of the house and you really kind of had to look for it to notice it. At least that's what I told myself. Also, it was way down on the list of things I wanted to spend money on.

Anyway, I decided a few weeks ago that I was no longer going to live with that lamp. I earned a little extra money over Thanksgiving weekend by dog sitting (more on that later) and treated myself to a new lamp. It did not cost much -- maybe $39 at a local HomeGoods store -- but the joy that it brings me is worth much more than that. It's just a dumb lamp, but I love it.

With regard to Christmas decor, I decided this year to follow the advice of a few other simple living bloggers and use these berries and branches from a bush in my back yard. I cut them in the beginning of December, put them in some water, and called it a day. They are still beautiful, they make me happy, and they didn't cost a thing. The thing on to the right of the lamp is a clock that my mother in law gave me many years ago for Christmas. It plays a tune every hour. I LOVE it, and I keep it out all year long. I'm a sucker for a noisy clock.

All this is to say that small things can make me happy. I didn't look forever for this lamp; it didn't have to be the "perfect" one and cost a fortune; it just had to be a little taller, a more neutral color, and sturdier than the one I already had. And it was worth the wait.

I love lamp. 

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