Monday, January 13, 2014

DVD Containers, Be Gone!

I FINALLY went through all of our DVDs and removed them from their cases and into a portable case. This is the result: 
One-and-a-half full-size recycling containers with all of the discarded cases. I sure hope they are recyclable. I looked at this mess and just couldn't believe how much plastic and paper is used for DVD packaging. I know that making these things is someone's (or probably a lot of someones) job, but I just wonder if things couldn't have been, you know, a little smaller.
All of that now snugly fits into this:

Yes, I know those are war-ish videos, but I live with 2-1/2 men. Don't judge.  

My lovely DVD suitcase fits nicely inside the second bookcase that I brought up from the basement. There is one for DVDs and one for CDs, but I haven't gone through those yet. I will get to them this weekend.  

It took me four hours to sort and transfer all of our DVDs into the case. We got rid of about 8 kid movies and about 10 grown-up movies. (I almost said "adult" but that just sounds kinky.)
As I was getting rid of all of the original cases, I had the stupid, fleeting thought, "What if we want to sell these someday? Won't they be worthless without the original case?" You know, like toys will only sell to collectors if they are in their original packaging. But then I got ahold of myself and realized that I wouldn't go through the hassle of trying to sell any of this stuff anyway, so what am I worried about.
I believe that I finally have my living room the way I want it, even though I didn't know I wanted it this way until I started minimalizing. Pictures of the final result will be in the next post.


  1. I have just done that with all the CDs. Haven't got as far as the DVDs yet but it is very satisfying isn't it. Also we listen to a lot more of them now because we don't have that annoying problem of opening a case and finding it empty.

  2. So true! I look forward to being able to flip through one book instead of a giant cabinet to get what I want. I can definitely see myself listening to more after I am fully decluttered.

  3. Granted I don't watch many movies, but I find it much easier to stream online than search through a pile of DVDs.