Friday, January 10, 2014

Project 350 (or Less) Items

Because I don't actually have space at the moment to store the clothes that didn't make the cut, I moved them from my bedroom closet to the hall closet. I also took the T-shirts and sweaters that I chose and moved them to one dresser drawer. So while the clothes I'm not planning to wear aren't exactly stored away, they are out of sight. I can't believe what a tremendous feeling this is. Starting today, I didn't have to look at those clothes that I haven't worn in a year or so and feel guilty for not choosing them each morning. What a relief! I am closer to 50 items although some of these may go to the donate pile as I make my way through the next three months.

Behold my closet:

It contains the following items:

6 skirts (only 5 shown)
2 vests (one of them may go after I wear it; I haven't gotten that far yet)
6 basic T-shirts for layering under sweaters
4 blouses
13 sweaters (at least 9 of these are lightweight and I wear them more as shirts than sweaters)
4 jackets (for wearing over T-shirts; two not shown)
5 pants (includes 2 pairs of jeans not shown)
3 dresses (1 not shown)
Total number of items = 43.

Per the rules, NOT included are loungewear/workout clothes. I still have too many of those too, and I expect to cull them this winter.

Breaking the rules: I did not include in my items outerwear, shoes, and accessories. I am still experimenting with those items this winter. I want to see how many times I wear (or don't wear) a certain coat or pair of shoes before giving them away.

In years past, I wouldn't really think about whether I wore something; I was keeping it because I spent good money and I might need it at some point in the future. This year, I am much more mindful when I'm actually wearing something and taking note of how I feel in it. If I am even unsure about it, out it goes. The simple act of mindfulness when I wear my clothes is a great feeling.

I hope I still feel this way come the middle of March!


  1. I have just done a complete wardrobe inventory. It was shocking, particularly since I did a massive clearout as the first part of my more minimalist approach. However, it was heartening to see where the purge had borne fruit. I did 333 in the summer and am planning on doing it again, but right now I need to get some more stuff out of my wardrobe for good before I select my 33 (or so!) items.