Monday, January 27, 2014

The Rest of the Living Room

I am still extremely pleased with the state of my living room after rearranging. It has been very cozy of late, especially with all of the cold weather we've been having. Here are some pictures of the other side of the room. This is the couch and the loveseat/ottoman that are directly across from the fireplace.

 This is the TV corner to the right of the fireplace.

I know alot of people put their TV over the fireplace, but I really don't like to mix the two. I don't feel that the TV can be a substitute for a nice picture or a pretty mirror.
I am getting used to the emptier spaces. For example, on the bookcase above with just the lamp, in the past I would have been compelled to put something else there...maybe a picture or a statue of some sort. Now I'm getting used to the clear, flat surface. I suspect that putting something there now might actually bother me.


  1. I love your pictures of your home and the process of eliminating clutter. Pat

  2. I agree, I hate TVs over the fireplace; looks awful and hurts my neck to watch it.
    Did you ever think of hanging the picture over the sofa at eye-level?

    1. The thing about the picture over the sofa is that our walls are plaster, and it was a bugger to get it hung up to begin with. It's a very heavy picture and I don't think I can handle it, and my husband is not inclined to be bothered with stuff like that. I'd love to add some more stuff to that wall but the scares me so.